Buyer Representation

Our Buyer Representation aims to protect the financial and lifestyle objectives of buying real estate in The Bahamas.  We make the complex process of buying luxury real estate very simple.  Engel & Völkers Bahamas buyer representation offers:

  • Open communication, loyalty and trust with our buyers
  • Unrivaled Access to all active real estate which meets the purchaser's criteria
  • Full and accurate disclosure of all taxes, fees and expenses associated with purchasing
  • We request full disclosure and inspections on any building or property mechanics
  • Disclosure of any property defects the seller or sellers'  agent may want to hide
  • Disclosure of any people, place or property that may affect your lifestyle objectives
  • Confidentiality on your financial and budget requirements
  • Immediate follow up and unrivaled access and communication with our agents
  • Fiduciary responsibility and aggressive negotiating techniques representing the buyer's interests and goals
  • Sophisticated negotiating so your offer is not used for seller leverage
  • Professional documentation to secure and protect your negotiating process and deposit
  • Professional affiliations in the financial and legal industry

At the end of the day any commission is ultimately coming out of the buyer's pocket, it only makes good financial sense to have someone loyally representing you.